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NFSN Autumn Meeting, South Wales FRS HQ, 7th November 2019


NFSN Spring Meeting & AGM 2020

Dorset and Wiltshire FRS HQ,

Date 11th March 2020

NFSN Summer Meeting 2020

Essex FRS

Date 3rd June 2020


NFSN Autumn 2017 Members Meeting: Rhyl



The National Fire Sprinkler Network held its Autumn Members meeting in Rhyl, kindly hosted by North Wales F&RS.

33 delegates attended the meeting from all parts of the UK

As was to be expected the Grenfell Tower disaster was the focus of much debate. Delegates discussed the consequenses of the fire and, looking for a strategy to ensure that it should never happen again led to the realisation that the Building Regulations in England are not fit for purpose and need serious amendment. Though much of the focus has been on the use of combustible materials in the built environment there was agreement that theres hould be a wider role for the use of water based fire suppression systems in the UK building stock.

Chair, Terry McDermott outlined how the e National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has been extremely busy and their statement on the benefits of sprinklers has been updated. He also went on to say that the best way to change opinions on sprinklers was to utilise data and information, such as presented in the recently released NFSN/NFCC data analysis report into sprinklered fires between 2011 and 2015. (downloadable from this website)

The work of the All Party Fire and Rescue Group in Parliament was highlighted by Ronnie King and an update given on the political landscape post the June election results. The political fallout from Grenfell Tower would be felt for some considerable time.

Members from across the country reported an upsurge in sprinkler provision interest from housing providers, particularly those managing high rise blocks of flats.

There was also concern about the future direction of  BB100, the Government guide to fire safety in schools, especially with regard to the poor take up of sprinklers in new build schools since 2010, even those that had suffered catastrophic fires! Ronnie King said that he has received several submissions where avoidance of fitting sprinklers in new build schools has happened but he had been asked not to disclose the source. He did note however that 6 brigades did allow their submissions to be used.

NFSN finances still continue to be in line with expectations despite the financial outlay for the 'Optimal' research document but there are still some 2017 subscriptions outstanding. In view of the projected increase in expenditure for 2018 the NFSN Executive propose an increase in subscriptions by £50 p/a per member. This will be the first increase in levels for ten years and will be put to the membership at the AGM in March.

Steve Mills reported that there had been several submissions for the 2017 Bernadette Hartley Memorial Award and that the closing date was 31st December 2017

Finally. As from March 2018 the NFSN will be looking for a new secretary to take over from Steve Mills who has announced his intention to retire gracefully. If you are interested in the post, or know someone who may be a suitable candidate, please contact Steve.

For more information please contact the Secretary at or






In scheduling our 2018 meetings I have tried to avoid conflicting dates with other sprinkler organisations or school holidays.


2018 NFSN Meetings

Summer 2018:  London 4th July 2018

Autumn 2018: Sheffield 7th November 2018   (TBC)

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NFSN/NFCC research Document


This important research document will be in circulation from JUNE 1st 2017

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