Sprinkler save at Southampton Student Block

At just before 1:30 pm on Sunday 16th November 2014 a fire occurred in a microwave oven in a student flat on the 10th floor of Richmond House, a mixed height non-cluster type development in Southampton city centre. One sprinkler head activated due to the fire and the 215 occupants were safely evacuated. Fire damage was reported to be limited to 10m² in the affected flat.One issue that arose was that staff were unsure as to the location of the stop valve which meant a delay in turning off the tank and pump fed water supply to the sprinkler system. The NFSN urges all users of buildings which have sprinkler systems to familiarise themselves with the location of sprinkler isolation valves which

Sprinkler save at London apartment

On Friday 14th November a chip pan fire occurred at an apartment block at Waterside Heights, Lewisham, London. The tenant is reported to have tried to move the blazing chip pan but due to the heat was unable to keep hold causing the pan and contents spilled. Fortunately, one sprinkler head in the room activated and extinguished the fire. Fire damage was limited so that the flat remained habitable and though the tenant was shocked they fortunately suffered no serious injury.The incident above once again shows, contrary to some understanding, that sprinklers CANsafely and efficiently deal with chip pan fires.NOTE: Current Fire Service advice on fat pan fires is: Precautions to take.• Never fil

Sprinkler save at London school

At about 20:23 on Tuesday 11th November, fire crews were called to an Automatic Fire Alarm actuating at a three storey Secondary School St Mary’s Road in Newham, East London. On arrival they were met by the school caretaker who had been about to secure the building when the fire alarm actuated. Fire crews searched the area of actuation and found a small extinguished fire in a cupboard within an Art and Technology classroom. The cupboard contained a 12Kw kiln, able to run up to 1300 degrees Celsius, which is used to fire class pottery projects. And fire had occurred involving some plastic trays which had been left on top of a kiln which had been switched on several hours earlier. The school,

Sprinkler Saves Stevenage School

The £ 8.7 million pound Marriott’s and Lonsdale School in Stevenage was opened in January 2013 by the former education secretary Michael Gove. The school is an amalgamation of two former Stevenage Schools and now houses approx 1500 Pupils ,of which around 60 are severely mobility impaired children and who live on the premises. At just before 12:30 on Wednesday 5th November a fire was started in a WC cubicle when a toilet roll was ignited. This then actuated a smoke detector and raised the alarm. The fire was intense enough to actuate a single recessed sprinkler head, located in the ceiling above the cubicle , which suppressed and contained the fire until the arrival of the fire service. Fire

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