Airport storeroom save 22/5/15

East Midlands Airport sprinkler save: At around midnight on 21st/22nd May 2015 a fire occurred in a store room at a retail unit within East Midlands Airport, Nottingham. The fire appears to have started in an extractor fan within the store room but was extinguished by the operation of two sprinkler heads close to the seat of the fire. Fire damage was confined to the area immediately around the seat of the fire. More details have been requested.

Two earlier 2015 London saves

Heathrow Hotel: 21st January 2015 A fire occurred on 23/01/15 at 14.20 within an Industrial dryer in a laundry room of a hotel in Heathrow, London. The fire was detected by the installed fire detection system and raised the alarm early allowing staff to investigate, call the brigade and carry out an evacuation. 1 x sprinkler head actuated and extinguished fire meaning no fire-fighting was required by attending crews. Fire damage caused to dryer only with limited smoke damage to room. East London Recycling warehouse: 28th April 2015 A fire occurred on 28/4/15 at 16.44 within a paper shredding machine at a large, 30,000m² recycling warehouse in East London, E16. Staff responded quickly and

Charlton warehouse save

Charlton warehouse fire: 18th May 2015 Ten fire engines and over 70 firefighters and officers were called to a fire in a large distribution warehouse on Lombard Wall in Charlton this afternoon. The building is a largely un-compartmented structure of 1 and 2 floors measuring 240 by 100 meters, standing 20 meters high with a structure is of steel frame construction, clad in sandwich panels. The fire, which started external to the building, damaged six lorries and the exterior part of the warehouse while four people were assessed on the scene for smoke inhalation by London Ambulance Service. The distribution centre was fitted with a sprinkler system which activated and this also helped reduce t

Carlisle shop save: 24th March 2015

The shop ‘Blue Inc’ is situated in The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle and had been trading as usual on Sunday the 29th of March. When the staff left for the day they forgot to turn off the toilet light, unfortunately the light was connected to a ceiling fan. Approx one hour later the fan set on fire and the single sprinkler head within the toilet enclosure put the fire out. The head was installed below a plasterboard ceiling and there was no void protection. When the head operated, water flowed, causing the paddle within the flow switch, on the tenants incoming supply, to activate the alarm. The site was then attended to by the local fire brigade and they isolated the unit. It is great

Lancashire paper mill

Sprinkler Save: Paper Manufacturer in Lancashire (May 2015) BAFSA Member J&J Design reports that a single head actuation in an ESFR system suppressed a fire in a bulk waste area at the paper mill in Ramsbottom, Lancs. The system was installed two years ago and upgraded fire measures included a new ring main, water supply and the ESFR upgrade when SCA acquired the premises. More information is being sourced.

Chatham bus garage, 20th March 2015

At just after 6:10pm on Friday 20th March 2015 a fire occurred at a void bus garage at the Pentagon Shopping Centre in Chatham, Kent. Attending fire crews discovered that a fire had been lit in a bin of rubbish and this was sufficiently fierce to activate the sprinklers immediately near to the bin. The crew attending fully extinguished the fire with a hose reel.

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