London Rail Station 11th June 2015

Sprinkler save at Kings Cross Rail Station. On 11/06/15 at 21.45 hours crews were called to AFD actuating and smoke issuing from retail unit within Kings Cross Railway station concourse area. A full evacuation took place with some 5000 – 8000 people leaving the station uninjured and trains were put on caution. Crews arrived to find water running from the shop unit out into the concourse and after making entry into the shop it was found that a sprinkler head had actuated at the rear of the shop unit up within the false ceiling. There was some smoke but no fire was visible. After investigation a fire damaged air conditioning unit was found and the sprinkler head that actuated was directly abo

Warrington paper recycling plant 30th June 2015

Deluge system averts Appleton paper recycling disaster A fire at Shred-It on Barleycastle Trading Estate in Appleton, Warrington on Tuesday 30th June was caused by a conveyor belt overheating. The damage at the Appleton shredding company was dramatically reduced thanks to them having a deluge fire sprinkler system installed in the machinery. Keith Brooks, Head of Protection and Prevention: “By the very nature of its business, this factory contains highly combustible products which, if a fire was able to take hold would prove disastrous. Thankfully, the deluge system contained the flames to the machine involved.” In addition to the deluge system, the company has a sprinkler system installed a

Livingston factory 28th June 2015

Livingston factory sprinkler save 28th June 2015 At 16:59 hours on Tuesday 28th June 2015 a fire occurred in raw plastic material at a factory on the Brucefield Industrial estate in Livingston which recycles materials to produce high quality packaging for the food, technology and medical sectors. The two storey building has offices located on the first floor and a large manufacturing area covering the complete ground floor with a footprint of 35m x 60m. Construction is of insulated sandwich panels with a corrugated metal roof supported by metal columns. Scottish FRS mobilised three pumping appliances to the incident and on arrival found that one pendant sprinkler head on the towns mains fed

Winsford factory save: 23rd June 2015

Sprinkler system saves multi-million pound Cheshire factory A sprinkler system has helped prevent a multi-million pound Cheshire factory from going up in smoke after a fire at the premises. Eight fire crews were sent to Mitras on Road One, Winsford Industrial Estate just after 8pm on Tuesday, June 23. On arrival the flames were seen coming through the roof space. Keith Brooks, Head of Protection and Prevention: “This factory contained highly flammable products which, if a fire had got to them, could have been disastrous. Thankfully, a sprinkler system contained the flames to an area involving a machine and ducting above. “Companies very rarely recover from a fire such as this, but the sprink

Motherwell Hostel 16th June 2015

At about 15:45 on Tuesday 16th June 2015, a fire occurred in the kitchen on the 4th floor of a 5 storey block of flats housing homeless persons in Motherwell. 3 pumping appliances were mobilised to the incident and 2 Breathing apparatus wearers were committed to ventilate but no fire-fighting action was recorded as the fire had been doused by the blocks sprinkler system.

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