Cheltenham Academy: 21/1/16

Sprinkler head extinguishes fire at All Saints Academy, Cheltenham At 20:27 on 21st January 2016, Cheltenham crews were mobilised to a fire in a staff shower room at All Saints Academy. The room contained cleaners materials, areosols and two floor buffer which were damaged by the fire. When crews arrived, they discovered that the fire had been extinguished by a sprinkler head directly above the fire. As a result of this, no firefighting equipment was used and the damage to the room was contained to the origin of the fire. The cause of the fire is being treated as suspicious. Chief Fire Officer Stewart Edgar said “this particular incident, yet again demonstrates the effectiveness of sprinkler

Paisley department store: 28/12/15

Sprinkler save a Paisley department store: 28th December 2015 At 10:22 hours on Monday 28th December 2015, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service received a call to a report of fire at a well know retail store integrated within a large shopping mall with frontage to Paisley High Street. 3 pumping appliances and an aerial ladder were mobilised to the 3 storey, 90M x 40M building where a fire occurred in a ceiling mounted light fitting in the first floor staff room/ catering area. The fire had been located within ceiling void and in close proximity to timber roofing construction. Upon arrival it was found that one pendant sprinkler head near to the seat of fire had operated and extinguished the fir

Oxford historic market: 28/12/15

At approximately 0815 on Monday 28 December, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service were called to a reported fire in the Covered Market in Oxford City Centre. This is an historic single storey complex of various use retail premises arranged around a series of interconnecting grid avenues and is owned and operated by Oxford City Council. Oxford Covered Market, Historic Market and Indoor Market Oxford |Oxford Covered Market, Historic Market and Indoor Market Oxford Some years ago, OFRS had worked very closely with Oxford City Council and the Insurers, to highlight the fire potential within this building, the fire risks posed and the likely significant property loss, should a fire

Ayr department store 26th June 2015

Ayr department store loading bay save 26th June 2015 Scottish FRS sources report that at just after 5:30pm on Sunday 26th June, a fire occurred in stacked waste cardboard in an enclosed loading bay area at a department store in Ayr High Street. The 3 storey, steel framed and brick construction building, consists of sales on ground floor and storage of stock on upper floors. The approximate footprint is 2140m2 x 3 = floor area of 6420m2. The fire caused on upright sprinkler head on the mains fed sprinkler system to operate and this suppressed the fire so that attending fire crews on the two pump attendance (plus salvage pod) were able to extinguish using only a hose-reel within 11 minutes of

London recycling factory: 23/12/15

Sprinkler Save in Cheshire Street, East London on 23rd December 2015. At about 19:00 hours on the 23rd December crews from Tower Hamlets were called to a fire within a commercial industrial unit of one floor and mezzanine, measuring 50 metres by 35 metres. The company who owns the building produces rags from recycled linen. The rags are cleaned, pressed and packed into bales prior to distribution. The room of fire origin contained up to 60 tonnes of packed linen bales stored several metres high and contained the last bales to have been processed. The room was covered by CCTV and a working sprinkler system and had adequate fire compartmentation from the remainder of the premises. AFD s

Newport food factory: 20/12/15

20th December 2015 At 12.17 on the 20/12/15 a fire occurred in a food production oven within a large food factory in Newport (Wales). The fire sprinkler system operated to suppress the fire. Only heavy smoke logging occurred and no fire spread was reported.

Bedford shopping centre 8th Dec 2015

Sprinkler save in Bedford shopping centre: 8th December 2015 At just before 6am on Tuesday 8th December, the automatic fire detection was triggered in ‘Love Coffee’, a ground floor unit in the two storey Harpur Shopping Centre in Bedford, Hertfordshire. A fire had occurred in a commercial dish washer in the coffee shop and shortly after 6am one sprinkler head operated at about to control the fire. Hertfordshire F&RS personnel attended to ensure that there had been no fire spread into the adjacent unit which houses a large clothing retailers. Once the true extent of the fire had been established, the sprinklers were turned off and fire damage was confined to the dish washer alone. The centre’

Bury Mill: 3rd December 2015

Thursday 3 December 2015 Overnight staff at a textile mill in Bury. alerted emergency services to the fire after the mill’s sprinkler system was activated after large bales of cotton are believed to have been deliberately set on fire. Fire investigators say the building was savedfrom serious damage. Firefighters from Bury, Whitefield and Heywood were called out to the mill, in Walshaw Road, shortly after 1am on Thursday morning. The fire was located on the first floor of the two storey building where large bails of textiles are kept. No one was injured in the incident. Watch manager Gary Stredder said: “We are looking at it as being a deliberately started fire, possibly started in three di

Manchester shopping centre: 3/12/15

At 00:36 on the 3rd December 2015, crews from Manchester Central Fire Station attended a call to a Fire Alarm at premises in a shopping area in Manchester city centre. The shop was a “high end” clothing store occupying the ground and first floor, the fire had started in a faulty light fitting which was concealed behind a section of display boarding. The building was protected by a sprinkler system which activated and extinguished the fire prior to the arrival of the fire service.

2 London personal protection system activations

Cheam flat fire: Firefighters emphasised the importance of sprinkler systems in care homes An elderly man had a lucky escape from a fire caused by a cigarette in his flat thanks to a 'sprinkler system'. (later identified as a Personal Protection System .....PPS) Sutton fire-fighters were called to a fire at the residential care home in Mickleham Gardens in Cheam on Saturday night.(21st November) Luckily the man had already escaped the flat and his PPS had put out most of the flames. He was treated for shock on the scene and taken to hospital as a precaution. "People living in sheltered accommodation and extra care facilities are often very vulnerable to fire. They may have limited mobility o

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