Denby Dale Mill save 7th May 2016

Denby Dale (West Yorkshire) Mill sprinkler activation; Saturday 7th May 2016 This incident was reported in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.... A multi-seated fire broke out at the two storey Hartcliffe Mills, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire at around 1.50am on 7th May. The owners, Z Hinchliffe & Sons is a family-owned firm and supplies lambswool, cashmere, camel hair and angora products to both to the UK and worldwide knitwear industries. Bales of wool were being stored on both floors of the two storey mill but it was reported that these did not worsen the fire. After hearing the bells on the sprinkler system sounding, the owner rushed to the Wakefield Road premises and once there he used a fire

Oxford underground car park 20/4/16

Sprinkler save in Oxford city centre car park: 20th April 2016 At approximately 1941 on Wednesday 20 April, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service were called to a reported car fire in an underground car park in Oxford City Centre. Upon arrival at the incident crews were faced with dense smoke issuing from the building and the sprinkler system flowing. Crews in breathing apparatus, utilising thermal image cameras, battled through the poor visibility to find the affected vehicle and fully extinguish the fire, which had earlier been controlled by the sprinklers. One neighbouring vehicle was subsequently found to have been damaged by radiated heat, but the sprinklers had clearly res

Glasgow Office block 11th April 2016

Sprinkler activation at Glasgow offices 11th April 2016 At just before 11:55 on Monday 11th April 2016 a small fire occurred in an electrical circuit inside a light fitting at an office complex in Hope Street Glasgow. The fire was in the fifth floor corridor of a 100x125m, 6 storey premises with roof space & basement, of traditional sandstone construction. The building is of complex layout within, comprising of stone floors and staircases, having multiple access & egress points . Scottish F&RS mobilised 3 Rescue Pumps,1 Aerial Appliance & 1 Station Manager to the incident. As a result of the fire, one sprinkler head activated on the mains fed system and this, combined with the use of a dry

Chelmsford flat sprinkler activation 27/3/16

Sprinklers douse chip pan fire in Chelmsford Tower block: 27th March 2016 At around 22:40 hours on Sunday 27th March 2016 a kitchen fire occurred at a 14 storey tower block in Chelmsford, Essex. The fire involved cooking oil within a chip pan which had ignited. The 81 flat block is one of a number within Essex that have been fitted with residential sprinklers and, once the pan ignited, one sidewall sprinkler head activated within the kitchen and completely extinguished the fire. The sprinkler system is fed by pump from a storage tank within the building. Fire damage is reported to have been confined to the room itself (5m²) and no injuries are reported to have occurred.

3 recent saves

We are currently awaiting information on three saves as follows: Bolton Plastics factory..........March 2016 Blackwall Flat.......................24th March 2016 Barbican Hotel.....................25th March 2016 Hillingdon supported living...25th March 2016

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