London basement car park: 9th July 2016

At 12:24 on Saturday 9th July, London Fire Brigade received a report of a fire in the underground car park of a 30m x 30m, 20 storey building in Great Russell Street, in central London. The building is occupied by shops, offices, a hotel and hostel with a 3 level underground car park. The fire involved a rickshaw (a light two-wheeled passenger vehicle drawn by one or more people) and it is understood that the batteries were the source of the fire. The manager of the rickshaw storage area was alerted to the fire when one of the rickshaw owners informed him they had seen smoke in the car park. 2 LFB appliances attended the incident but the fire had activated one sprinkler head on the building

Dartford Tunnel suppression activation: 2nd July 2016

Drivers are reported to have fled after a vehicle went up in flames inside the Dartford Tunnel on Saturday 2nd July 2016. People abandoned their cars after they spotted smoke billowing out of a vehicle. Emergency crews were called just before 1pm to the blaze near Dartford, Kent. A spokesman from Kent Fire and Rescue said: 'Kent Fire and Rescue Service along with colleagues from Essex Fire and Rescue Service, responded to a car fire in the Dartford Tunnel just before 1pm. Drivers were told to leave their cars and evacuate the tunnel as fire-fighters worked to battle the blaze 'The tunnel's automatic fire safety suppression system activated, quickly knocking back the small fire, and preventi

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