Sprinkler save at Paisley retail store: 27th September 2017

At 01:54 hours on the morning of Wednesday 27th September 2017, Scottish F&RS received a call to a reported fire at the TK Maxx store on Phoenix retail park, Paisley. two pumps, an aerial appliance and a salvage unit attended. On arrival it was noted that there was a secondary fire adjacent to a roller shutter door at the store which in turn ignited property cladding at the two storey terraced building. The premises comprises of 2 levels with ground floor general merchandise sales floor (1850m2) with staff areas and offices on the first floor mezzanine (300m2) and is of steel framed, partial brick and insulated panel construction. The fire penetrated to the first floor internal area where

Sprinkler activation at Ayr flat fire: 25th September 2017

At just before midnight on Monday 25th September, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attended a living room fire at a 13 storey block of flats at Riverside Place, Ayr 4 breathing apparatus wearers were committed to the fifth floor flat and on arrival they found that the fire, which was in some bedding on the living room sofa, had been extinguished by the sprinkler system. It was initially reported that 4 heads had activated and but subsequent confirmation reveals that only one head in the room of origin of the fire actually operated.

Knutsford factory sprinkler activation: 25th September 2017

At shortly before 3 pm on Monday 25th September 2017, Cheshire F&RS received a call to fire in ducting at a factory making plastic products on the Parkdale Industrial estate in Knutsford. Two pumping appliances were despatched to deal with the fire in an extractor unit. A company spokesperson reported that:"Quick reactions by ALBIS personnel, the response of the fire brigade and the activation of the sprinkler system meant that the fire was contained in the ducting for the extraction system and therefore damage was limited. "We are assessing the full extent of the damage currently and expect the factory to be running normally once some remedial work and assessment has been completed. "The ev

Wolverhampton student flat save: 8th September 2017

Wolverhampton student flat save: 8th September 2017 At 23:00 hours on Friday 8th September 2017, West Midlands Fire Service received a call to Liberty Heights, a 25 storey student accommodation block in Wolverhampton. A fire had occurred when a fat pan was left unattended but when FRS personnel attended the flat, the fire had been extinguished by one head on the buildings sprinkler system. Previously known as Victoria Hall, Liberty Heights was constructed in 2009 and is a reinforced concrete, clad building with an L shaped plan measuring 10m x 20m. It consists of two blocks, the tallest of which is 25 storeys. FRS personnel were engaged in clear up operations after the event but no fire-fi

Scottish High School save: 28th August 2017

At 03:11 hours on Monday 28th August 2017, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service received a call to a report of a sprinkler activation at Deans Community High school in Livingston. This is a 3 storey PFI school, built 2010, with a total area over all floors 15,000 m2. This fire started in a free standing fridge within a first floor classroom that was used to teach home economics. There were wooden cupboards and equipment adjacent to the fire. One concealed sprinkler head on the schools wet pipe, tank fed system had operated to extinguish the fire. The school was unoccupied at the time of the fire and it is reported that had the sprinklers not activated it is presumed that there would have been

Insulated panel manufacturer, Derbyshire: 27th August 2017.

At 00:44 hours on Wednesday 27th August 2017, Derbyshire F&RS received a call to a fire at a factory producing insulation panels in Holmewood, near Chesterfield. The seat of the fire was in processed briquettes made from insulating material. The two storey factory measures approximately 150m x 150m being of portal frame construction with cladding. The fire activated two sprinkler heads on the factory's wet pipe, tank and pump supplied, system and this controlled the fire before the FRS attended. About 20m² of the factory were directly affected with fire damage being estimated at £500 A total of 5 appliances were mobilised to the incident which involved the damping down and removal of a skip

Sprinkler system saves Portsea Flat: August 21, 2017

A first-floor kitchen fire was extinguished when a building’s sprinkler system activated. Crews from Southsea Fire Station were called on Saturday to a fire in the high-rise flat in Harbour Ridge, Queen Street in Portsea. The incident took place just months after the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London and following Hampshire Chief Fire Officer Dave Curry’s call for sprinklers to be fitted into all high-rise buildings. He said, “Time and again, sprinklers have been proven to prevent the spread of fire in buildings and drastically reduce the threat to life. “In Hampshire, we are working with all high-rise building owners and landlords to ensure all of these structures are inspected and that resi

Water-mist save at Scottish YOI : 14th August 2017

At just after 9 am on Monday 14th august, Scottish F&RS received a call to a young offenders institution in Stirling after a report of bedding being on fire in one of the blocks. The fire was on the ground floor of the 2 storey building of approx. 105 x 36m, which brick and block construction with concrete flooring. There were 31 persons in the premises at the time of the fire The premises is fitted with a high pressure water-mist system fed via pump and tank and one head operated in the affected area. This suppressed the fire with final extinguishment being carried out by Fire Service personnel wearing breathing apparatus using 1 hose reel. The fire was extinguished in an estimated 30 minut

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