First Successful Activation in Wales since the commencement of the Sprinkler Measure

Thanks to Daniel Newman from Residential Sprinkler Protection ltd. The incident happened at a house on a Bellway development at Highfields, Church Road, Old St Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 6YA on the 15th October 2019. The fire service arrived on site 12 minutes after receiving the call. They arrived to find that, thankfully, there was no fire to fight. I have attached some pictures where one head was enough to put out the flame.

Essex Flat Fire

Fire in converted flats in Essex. Chip pan fire. Thanks to Mike Sparrow at ECFRS for letting us now about this stop. The fire occurred in an 8 storey office block converted into 378 flats. The fire happened in a kitchen. The cause was the occupant trying to extinguish a chip pan fire with water (I know…we thought everyone knew that this is a bad idea!). the fire was controlled by two sprinkler heads. The occupant was able to return to the flat after an hour.

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