London Halls of Residence

Primary Fire Islington Islington Student Hall of Residence Bed/sitting room In room of origin of fire 1 head activated

London purpose built flat

Primary Fire Southwark Purpose Built Flats/ Maisonettes - 4 to 9 storeys Living room In room of origin of fire 1 head activated

London Shopping Centre

Primary Fire The Mall, Stratford Newham Shopping Centre Shop floor/Showroom/ Display hall In room of origin of fire 3 heads activated

Birmingham West Midlands  High Rise Residential Flats

Birmingham West Midlands High Rise Residential Flats A fire occurred involving cooking oil in a kitchen. Apart from some minimal smoke and water damage, without the sprinkler this could of caused more serious damage to persons and or property.

Newcastle Tyne and Wear  High Rise Residential Flats

Newcastle Tyne and Wear High Rise Residential Flats 1 HR was used to completely extinguish a fire in bin compound which had been controlled and partially extinguished by sprinkler system. Positive pressure ventilation used.

Doncaster South Yorks

High Rise residential Flats South Yorkshire Fire Crews attended a Doncaster High Rise block to find a chip pan fire had been extinguished by a single sprinkler head activation. Both residents were Unharmed and returned to their flat later that day following clean-up operations.

Gateshead Tyne and Wear

Gateshead Tyne and Wear High Rise Residential Flats One bedroom ground floor flat in a purpose built block. Fire in kitchen. Pan and contents 100% severely damaged by fire. The remainder of the kitchen sustained 20% moderate smoke damage. The occupier suffered minor burns as they removed pan from the heat and placed it in the sink. They were treated at scene by paramedics. The sprinkler system in the flat actuated and extinguishing the fire, resulting in water damage to the entire flat. Crews used the Wet/Dry Vacs to absorb the water.

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