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Two earlier 2015 London saves

Heathrow Hotel: 21st January 2015

A fire occurred on 23/01/15 at 14.20 within an Industrial dryer in a laundry room of a hotel in Heathrow, London. The fire was detected by the installed fire detection system and raised the alarm early allowing staff to investigate, call the brigade and carry out an evacuation. 1 x sprinkler head actuated and extinguished fire meaning no fire-fighting was required by attending crews. Fire damage caused to dryer only with limited smoke damage to room.

East London Recycling warehouse: 28th April 2015

A fire occurred on 28/4/15 at 16.44 within a paper shredding machine at a large, 30,000m² recycling warehouse in East London, E16. Staff responded quickly and operated the machines Deluge water suppression system which controlled and extinguished the fire. Crews attended, gained access to the machine and spent a few hours damping down and turning over.

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