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London serviced apartments: 5th March

Serviced Residential Apartments: 5th March 2016

At 17:42 on Saturday 5th March 2016 London Fire Brigade received a call to a report of fire in a 9 storey block of serviced apartments in the Borough of Westminster. 4 pumping appliances were mobilised.

On arrival is was noted that the high pressure water mist suppression system (designed to NFPA Standards) within the reception area was activating and it was subsequently seen from CCTV footage that flames had emanated from ducting within that area.

The seat of the fire was located as an air conditioning unit contained within an adjacent store room and that the fire had spread through about 5m of ducting into the reception area.

The heat and flame produced was enough to actuate all 3 ‘sprinkler’ heads at ceiling level above the reception desk. These heads extinguished the fire at the outlet and prevented the fire spreading. The fire within the ducting had burnt out.

The concierge was at the reception desk when flames issued from the ducting outlet at ceiling level. He instigated the evacuation of the 180 persons in the building and called the LFB. No injuries are reported


Fire crews exposed the ducting fully to check for fire spread but no further extinguishing media was necessary.


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