Sprinkler save at London apartment

Lewisham flat save Nov 2014.JPG

On Friday 14th November a chip pan fire occurred at an apartment block at Waterside Heights, Lewisham, London. The tenant is reported to have tried to move the blazing chip pan but due to the heat was unable to keep hold causing the pan and contents spilled.

Fortunately, one sprinkler head in the room activated and extinguished the fire. Fire damage was limited so that the flat remained habitable and though the tenant was shocked they fortunately suffered no serious injury.The incident above once again shows, contrary to some understanding, that sprinklers CANsafely and efficiently deal with chip pan fires.NOTE: Current Fire Service advice on fat pan fires is:

Precautions to take.• Never fill a chip pan more than a third full of oil.• Consider using a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer.• Never leave your cooking unattended. Even if the phone or doorbell rings. Remember – fires start when your attention stops.• If you’ve consumed alcohol, don’t be tempted to cook with a chip pan.If you do have a chip pan fire:• Call the Fire and Rescue Service on 999 immediately.• Don’t take risks.• Have a clear escape route.• Never move the pan.• Turn off the heat (if it is safe to do so).• Never throw water on chip pan fires, as this will cause a fireball.

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