Carlisle shop save: 24th March 2015

The shop ‘Blue Inc’ is situated in The Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle and had been trading as usual on Sunday the 29th of March. When the staff left for the day they forgot to turn off the toilet light, unfortunately the light was connected to a ceiling fan. Approx one hour later the fan set on fire and the single sprinkler head within the toilet enclosure put the fire out. The head was installed below a plasterboard ceiling and there was no void protection. When the head operated, water flowed, causing the paddle within the flow switch, on the tenants incoming supply, to activate the alarm. The site was then attended to by the local fire brigade and they isolated the unit.

It is great to see that the fire was contained within the toilet enclosure, but it also highlights the need for sprinklers to be installed throughout a sprinkler protected building and including toilets, there are a lot of systems installed in the UK where consultants have chosen to remove sprinklers from toilet areas as they are seen as low risk. Is this a wise decision?

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