Bilston recycling centre save 19/5/15

Sprinkler save at Bilston recycling plant 19th May 2015

Dave Marsh, Fire Safety Officer with West Midlands Fire Service reports that in the early hours of Tuesday 19th May 2015 a fire occurred in a pile of about 110tonnes of material in a 100m x 120m building at a textile recycling plant in Bilston in the area of the West Midlands known as the ‘Black Country’.

From his post fire inspection he noted that 3 sprinkler heads activated and controlled the fire, limiting the damage to a couple of tonnes of textile ready for recycling. Crews from the 1 pumping appliance that attended were able to deal with the incident, damping down whilst utilizing some on-site machinery to dig the pile out.

Dave remarked that the size of the fire crews may have faced without the sprinklers would have been most daunting!

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