London flat kitchen fire save: 19th August 2015

On Wednesday 19 August 2015 at 10:52 crews were called to a 'flooding from fourth floor' of a 12 storey purpose built block of flats (circa 2004).

On arrival crews saw water running from the balcony of a flat on the 4th floor. Shortly after it was discovered that smoke was emitting from the building. On investigation crews found that there was a fire inside flat 14 on the 4th floor of the building..

A fire had occurred within the kitchen of the two bedroomed property and a domestic sprinkler head had actuated within the room of origin and appeared to have suppressed the fire leaving the flat lightly smoke logged.

Crews attempted to isolate the sprinkler. They had to isolate the supply in the basement of the block, which had the effect of cutting off the entire water supply to the building.

Unfortunately, two other flats were damaged by water ingress due to the sprinkler actuation.

This is another great example indicating the benefits of sprinklers within domestic premises and how it prevented the development and spread of fire within the flat where the fire started.

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