Woodbridge converted workhouse flats scheme 15.9.15

On 15th September a fire occurred at a flat in a block of 26 incorporated into a former ‘work house’ in Woodbridge, Suffolk. The vulnerable resident had been smoking in bed and then gone through to the kitchen where he had an epileptic fit. The bed subsequently caught fire due to smoking materials. Nearby residents were alerted to the fire by the alarms. (both Smoke and Sprinklers)

A single sprinkler head operated and fully extinguished the fire before the Fire Brigade arrived. Fire Brigade personnel had to break into the flat to gain access, finding the occupant unconscious in the kitchen following his seizure.

Although somewhat ‘shell shocked’, the occupier said he was very pleased with the system as, without it, the situation could have been much more serious due to his inability to escape the fire. He was also able to return to his flat following the incident with minimal disruption.

Pleasingly, it was noted that the sprinkler installer subsequently received an apology from the person who had tried to talk the Housing Association out of ‘wasting their money’ on fitting sprinklers into the scheme.

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