2 London personal protection system activations

Cheam flat fire: Firefighters emphasised the importance of sprinkler systems in care homes

An elderly man had a lucky escape from a fire caused by a cigarette in his flat thanks to a 'sprinkler system'. (later identified as a Personal Protection System .....PPS)

Sutton fire-fighters were called to a fire at the residential care home in Mickleham Gardens in Cheam on Saturday night.(21st November)

Luckily the man had already escaped the flat and his PPS had put out most of the flames. He was treated for shock on the scene and taken to hospital as a precaution.

"People living in sheltered accommodation and extra care facilities are often very vulnerable to fire.

They may have limited mobility or a disability which makes it difficult for them to notice a fire and react quickly. If it wasn’t for the flat’s persoanl protection system this fire could have had a very different outcome."

It appears the careless disposal of cigarettes was the cause of the fire..........and

..........on the 25th November 2015 the London Borough of Sutton recorded a PPS activation when one of their residents dropped cigarette and set alight to the carpet. The PPS extinguished fire.

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