Ayr department store 26th June 2015

Ayr department store loading bay save 26th June 2015

Scottish FRS sources report that at just after 5:30pm on Sunday 26th June, a fire occurred in stacked waste cardboard in an enclosed loading bay area at a department store in Ayr High Street.

The 3 storey, steel framed and brick construction building, consists of sales on ground floor and storage of stock on upper floors. The approximate footprint is 2140m2 x 3 = floor area of 6420m2.

The fire caused on upright sprinkler head on the mains fed sprinkler system to operate and this suppressed the fire so that attending fire crews on the two pump attendance (plus salvage pod) were able to extinguish using only a hose-reel within 11 minutes of arrival.

It is reported that there were 100 persons in the shop at the time of the incident, none of whom were injured. 45 persons are employed at the store.

Although there was some disruption over the next two days, damage was limited to about £1000 with the total stock value at the store being put at £900,000.

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