Bury Mill: 3rd December 2015

Thursday 3 December 2015

Overnight staff at a textile mill in Bury. alerted emergency services to the fire after the mill’s sprinkler system was activated after large bales of cotton are believed to have been deliberately set on fire. Fire investigators say the building was savedfrom serious damage.

Firefighters from Bury, Whitefield and Heywood were called out to the mill, in Walshaw Road, shortly after 1am on Thursday morning.

The fire was located on the first floor of the two storey building where large bails of textiles are kept.

No one was injured in the incident.

Watch manager Gary Stredder said: “We are looking at it as being a deliberately started fire, possibly started in three different places.

“The sprinklers did their job and supressed the fire – without the sprinklers the fire would have broken through the roof and we would have been dealing with a very serious incident. The workmen were alerted to the fire after they noticed water coming through the ceiling – they went up to the first floor to investigate and were beaten back by heavy smoke. When we arrived the first floor was heavily smoke-logged so crews in breathing equipment entered and were faced with quite a challenging task of trying to locate the fire, which was still smouldering underneath".

“Once we located the fire we were then able to use hose reels to fully extinguish it and used positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the smoke so the building was saved but that was mainly due to the sprinklers.”

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