Oxford historic market: 28/12/15

At approximately 0815 on Monday 28 December, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service were called to a reported fire in the Covered Market in Oxford City Centre.

This is an historic single storey complex of various use retail premises arranged around a series of interconnecting grid avenues and is owned and operated by Oxford City Council. Oxford Covered Market, Historic Market and Indoor Market Oxford |Oxford Covered Market, Historic Market and Indoor Market Oxford

Some years ago, OFRS had worked very closely with Oxford City Council and the Insurers, to highlight the fire potential within this building, the fire risks posed and the likely significant property loss, should a fire occur, together with the rigorous promotion of the benefits that could be offered by them installing AWSS.

Upon arrival at the incident crews were met by an Oxford City Council Manager and a Sprinkler Engineer, who had been called due to the earlier activation of the sprinkler system installed within the building.

After being escorted to the effected zone, crews discovered the site of where an earlier fire had taken place, but found it had not only been controlled, but also completely extinguished by the operation of a single sprinkler head, thus avoiding a potentially serious fire and loss of business.

The most likely cause of the fire was subsequently attributed to a domestic fridge within a street café igniting. The firdge had then been completely destroyed by fire.

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