Denby Dale Mill save 7th May 2016

Denby Dale (West Yorkshire) Mill sprinkler activation; Saturday 7th May 2016

This incident was reported in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner....

A multi-seated fire broke out at the two storey Hartcliffe Mills, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire at around 1.50am on 7th May.

The owners, Z Hinchliffe & Sons is a family-owned firm and supplies lambswool, cashmere, camel hair and angora products to both to the UK and worldwide knitwear industries. Bales of wool were being stored on both floors of the two storey mill but it was reported that these did not worsen the fire.

After hearing the bells on the sprinkler system sounding, the owner rushed to the Wakefield Road premises and once there he used a fire extinguisher to put out a fire on one of the floors while he waited for the fire crews to arrive .

West Yorkshire F&RS mobilised crews from Huddersfield, Skelmanthorpe and Barnsley to the incident.

A fire service spokes person said: “There was more than one seat of fire, on the second floor as well as the first floor. We sent a team onto the second floor to make sure it was put and they then came down to check the first floor. The sprinkler system had done its job and put most of the fire out and our positive pressure ventilation (PPV)fans then blew the smoke out.”

The spokes person added that only minor damage was caused, with slight burning to the flooring as well as some smoke damage and water damage from the sprinklers but noted that “with these kinds of buildings you get many years of grease from the machines and fleeces in the floorboards. If there had been no sprinklers the fire would have burned really well.”

Following the blaze, a fire investigation officer attended at the site to investigate the cause.

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