Glasgow Office block 11th April 2016

Sprinkler activation at Glasgow offices 11th April 2016

At just before 11:55 on Monday 11th April 2016 a small fire occurred in an electrical circuit inside a light fitting at an office complex in Hope Street Glasgow.

The fire was in the fifth floor corridor of a 100x125m, 6 storey premises with roof space & basement, of traditional sandstone construction. The building is of complex layout within, comprising of stone floors and staircases, having multiple access & egress points .

Scottish F&RS mobilised 3 Rescue Pumps,1 Aerial Appliance & 1 Station Manager to the incident.

As a result of the fire, one sprinkler head activated on the mains fed system and this, combined with the use of a dry powder extinguisher, ensured the fire was extinguished by 12:18 hours.

Fire damage was limited to 2m² and smoke staining to 20m². The total cost of the fire was estimated to be less than £5k.

None of the 150 occupants of the building was reported to have been injured and disruption lasted about one hour.

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