Rainham recycling plant: 9th May 2016

Sprinkler save at Rainham recycling facility: 9th May 2016

Reports have been received that at about 5pm on Monday 9th may 2016 a fire occurred in an area storing refuse derived fuel (RDF)used in conjunction with the mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility at Frog Island, Rainham.

A company spokesperson reported that “A small fire occurred in the storage shed at our Frog Island facility in East London. The fire broke out in an area where approximately 250 tonnes of waste was stored but the fire only affected a small proportion of this waste. "

The fire was controlled using the on-site sprinkler system and London fire brigade were called to assist with removing waste from the building and dousing it with water. LFB reported that operations were winding down by shortly after 8pm the same evening.

Normal operations resumed at the site the following day and no employees were reported harmed. No damage to the building or equipment was reported and, neither was there any adverse impact on the environment.

The fire comes less than two years after a severe blaze badly damaged the MBT plant at Frog Island

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