Bath Multi-purpose group premises: 20th October 2016

Bath multiple purpose group premises: Tuesday 20th October 2016

At 15:09 hours on Tuesday 20th October 2016, Avon F&RS received a call to a fire in a multiple purpose group premise in Milsom Street, Bath.

The 60m x 40m building in question primarily comprises ground floor department store with 1st floor mixed commercial and residential (private flats) and the 2nd and 3rd floor purely residential private flats. There is also a basement area.

The fire , which involved a quantity of paper, was located on ground floor in the common area between the department store and the flats. Due to the nature of the premises and the potential life risk, Avon F&RS mobilised 6 pumps an aerial platform and a Command Unit.

Upon arrival it was noted that a single pendant sprinkler head, located in the common parts, had operated and extinguished the fire. Due to smoke-logging in the escape routes, crews were deployed with BA, hose-reels and a thermal imaging camera to search for any potential casualties and 5 persons were led to safety from the flats while the store was also evacuated.

Fire damage was limited to 2m² and business interruption was reported as 2 hours.

This incident again shows that ‘Common Parts’ cannot always be considered to be ‘sterile’ and extending sprinkler protection to cover these areas is a sensible precaution.

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