Gateshead hotel: 19th May 2016

Sprinkler save at Gateshead hotel: 19th May 2016

Tyne and Wear F&RS have sent notification of a recent sprinkler save:

Three fire appliances were called to a fire which occurred at 05:41 on the morning of Friday 19th May when frying pan had been left on an induction hob at a servery in a hotel at the Metro Centre, Gateshead.

The fire alarm activated and the building was safely evacuated. the heat was sufficient however to activate a single sprinkler head above the servery and this extinguished the fire prior to the arrival of the fire crews.

They then proceed to use PPV to ventilate the area and engage in 'salvage' operations to remove water and debris.

The restaurant reopened to customers that evening. (19th)

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