Hertfordshire school sprinkler save: 12th July 2017

Hertfordshire school sprinkler save: 12th July 2017

On the morning of Wednesday 12th July, Hertfordshire Fire Rescue Service received a late fire call to an incident at Longdean School, a Maths and Computing Academy in Hemel Hempstead

Upon arrival the fire crews discovered that a small fire had occurred in one of the technology classroom spaces.

It was identified that the fire had been effectively extinguished by the operation of a fixed sprinkler system installed in the school, not only did the sprinkler system extinguish the fire, it also prevented the fire from spreading causing further damaged to the school structure.

All pupils were evacuated safely and the school closed to ensure the safety of pupils and cleanup operations to take place. It re-opened the following day.

More information on this incident has been requested.

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