Bolton Warehouse save: 18th October 2017

FIREFIGHTERS have spent the early hours tackling a blaze after smoke was reported coming from a single storey warehouse. Crews were called to Vernacare, in Folds Road, at 3.47am on Wednesday 18th October

Fire-fighters using breathing apparatus, hose reels and fans to put out the blaze, which involves cardboard bed pans and urine bottles. It is understood the fire was confined to one corner of the building where the cardboard products were stacked on pallets.

Crew manager Phil Dearden said the fire could have been more serious if it had not been for a sprinkler system being activated.

He said: " Because the sprinklers had activated it had suppressed the fire. "But with it being cardboard and paper, it expands when water gets on it and the stacks had become unstable and collapsed.

"We fought the fire from as close as we could do so safely and used positive pressure fans to clear the smoke and with it being paper and cardboard it is burning in the middle." A fork lift truck was utilised to help fire-fighters

Mr Dearden added: "It could have been a bigger job but the sprinkler has partly done its job and us getting in early stopped it from spreading. He went on to say that despite the fire, the warehouse did not appear to have been seriously damaged

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