Northants hotel: 3rd December 2017

At 00:35 on Sunday the 3rd December 2017 we received a call to as fire within a bedroom within a Hotel in Northamptonshire.

An electrical heater had ignited and one sprinkler head within the room activated extinguishing the fire prior to the arrival of the fire service. Sprinklers installed to BSEN 12845 and had been retrospectively fitted within the premises.

Evacuation of staff and guest took place and worked well. A little over half an hour after fire service arrived the room and been check, area ventilated and the guests were being allowed back into the building.

A fire protection officer followed up, 09:00 the same day, a full investigation was under way, by management, into the cause of the fire and the sprinklers and fire alarm were back in full operational condition.

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