Shotton recycling facility 31st January 2017

Shotton recycling facility 31st January 2017

At just after 10pm on Tuesday 31st January 2017 a fire occurred within a concrete bunker with sheet metal covering at a 4000m² material recycling centre in Shotton on Deeside.North wales F&RS deployed 6 Pumps, one Aerial appliance and a Command unit.

Waste materials form the recycling process discharged into a waste bunker where a small fire started.

This fire grew and spread to the discharge point of the over head conveyors which is when 6 heads on the tank and pump fed sprinkler system operated above the conveyors and extinguished the fire on upper conveyor. They also contained the fire to lower conveyors where most of the damage was done.

Due to access issues on the lower conveyors the crews were engaged in damping down for some time whilst in Breathing Apparatus had to be deployed due to the rubber belt conveyors being involved in fire. The fire is reported to have been under control in 1hour 37 minutes.

Whilst the building held several hundreds of tons of waste ready to be sorted and recycled there was no fire spread to this materials due the sprinkler activation combined with containment by the Fire & Rescue Service.

The plant was up to 75% production by the following day while there was no disruption to the local community and none of the 8 persons working at the site were reported injured.

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