Sprinkler Save Southampton

Neville Tomblin MIFSM, FSIDip Programme Manager - Fire Safety at Southampton City Council 1mo · Edited

Another High-rise kitchen fire and another endorsement for sprinklers. A fire broke out in the kitchen of one of our high-rise blocks on Friday, it was successfully suppressed by the sprinkler system with minimal damage. The Fire & Rescue Service attended with multiple units but had little to do but check that the fire was fully extinguished. Without the sprinkler activation the fire would have engulfed the whole flat before the Fire & Rescue Service arrived on the scene. The flat, along with the others in the block, and all other blocks in the city, has benefitted from a range of fire safety works in addition to the sprinkler system. Southampton City Council take resident safety seriously and the 3 high-rise fires over the last 12 months effectively controlled by the sprinkler system and other fire safety measures are a testament to this.

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